Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My first post! + Basics of Skincare

Welcome to my musings of a male cosmetic lover!

I have to be frank: I don't have a good track record in keeping blogs. I previously ventured into blogging at www.r-o-n-n-i-e.blogspot.com for a class in university, something to do with online business management (Irony!). Since then, me and a group of close friends blog to keep each other posted on whats happening in each others' lives near, but that phased out when Facebook got popular and everyone got on that instead.

I'm back this time with a mission, and a strong one! I'm here to share my love of cosmetics to the world.

I know this segment is heavily saturated with female bloggers.. hence I think being male helps! Make full use of your potential.

I hope by doing this I can break the stereotype of men using cosmetics. I know this isn't a serious an equality platform as others have, but it's what I believe in.

Blogging gives me a wide platform to voice my opinion accompanied by photos and personal observations compared to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  I also love cosmetics!

Okay, when I say cosmetics I have to be specific: as a guy, i care about my looks. Your face is your most important portrait to the world. When a person talks to you, when they see you -- they look at your expression, your face.

And so I've always been a firm believer of  taking good care of your one and only mug.

I wouldn't dabble into make up, but I do believe in using these basic items:

1. Facial wash and foam: Washing is an important facet of staying clean. Find a good, gentle foam you can use to wash daily. Get a good scrub to deeply cleanse every two or three days. It is important to find a gentle wash for daily cleansing, to remove dirt accumulated from a long hard day's work.

2. Scrub: A deep scrub is necessary to dig deep into those pores!

3. Toner, to close your pores after washing. This step is important! If you don't do this, you may end up with huge pores because you don't close them up and dirt easily gets in and clog up. 

4. Masks: There are two types -- the one that deep cleans and the one that nourishes. (I have a weakness for clay masks...) 

5. Moisturisers and that encompasses serums, soothing gels, essence, yada yada. Basically EVERYTHING can be nourishing to your skin... Today we even have stuff like snail goo, caviar, gold or even placenta for your face! Can you imagine?! 

With that out there, I hope you find my reviews useful to you as I experiment with all sorts of products!

Cheers to the weekend!

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