Monday, August 10, 2015

Althea got me blogging again!

Like I mentioned before, I don't have a good track record when it comes to blogging... I've had a stop-go habit the past few years, but now I've found a calling sooo important it's worth keeping up.

Aaand that's cosmetics!

It really started with Althea Korea, a new and amazing website that connects South Korea with both West and East Malaysia.

We all know Korea produces the best beauty products -- but how many of us can source for them, let alone afford them?

Althea solves both problems by bringing Korean beauty care items via its website, targetted at Malaysians specifically! Prices are in Ringgit Malaysia to ease the procss and are displayed clearly with each product, and they will ship from Korea right to your doorsteps.

I came across Althea Korea promoted by my beauuuutiful friend Tammy Lim over at Plus Size Kitten (hello babe!!) who I consider the Goddess of all Beauty Products. Her reviews, her experiences and her words are tahap dewa ok!

Althea began selling to the general public on July 1 with their plethora of products neatly displayed on the website -- customers can navigate either according to brands or product category.

What makes them stand out as a Korean website during the promo month is this thing called Daebak deals -- basically its a really good deal for a limited promotion time of 24 hours, so if you choose to purchase, you don't have much time to think! You need to snap them up quickly! 

The first deal saw the Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (300ml) going for a mere RM1! Yes, RM1! The second was the Jeju Super Volcanic Mask going for a full rebate, meaning you have to purchase it for its selling price but they will then credit that amount back to your account (so technically, its free).

The third deal was for Laniege Sleeping Mask via a buy one free one promotion. After that, they had two more one-off deals, bringing back the Aloe Vera for RM1 and promoting its Piolang 24K Gold Eye Mask for a buy one free one promotion. 

This deal changes every three days for the first two promotional weeks. I bought them all! 

No seriously, I have the delivery boxes to prove it: 

Despite buying all these, I didn't burn a hole in my wallet! Well, not as badly as I originally would if I did. 

One thing I love about Althea is its comparatively attractive prices. Products sold on Althea are already discounted, they will display the selling price which is somewhat lower than the original price.

AND if you purchase more than RM150 per order, you'll get free shipping direct from Korea, which is an attractive deal. 


I have to say I've had my share of complicated, gut-wrenching online purchases which keep adding on price after price on to your "final price" -- but not on Althea,  luckily!

Choices on the website ARE bountiful -- they started off with some really well-known brands like Innisfree, Nature Republic, Laniege, Tony Moly and so on, inculcating a balance between categories as well. Even up to today, they continue to add more products and brands to its offering. 

So, that's my POV on my Althea haul. I hope this lengthy piec gave you some insight on what you can expect from your future shopping experience from! tell me what was YOUR favourite product? I might just give it to you!

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